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Following is a summary of the information and resources available on the website:

  • Benefit Plans - View Your Health & Welfare Benefits.  This section lists benefit plans offered to San Jacinto Unified School District employees as well as a detailed description of each plan. This section can be used to compare and contrast different plans, such as Blue Cross vs. Kaiser or the Delta Dental and Golden West Dental plan, as well as current plans to pending plans if available.
  • Life Events - Provides employees with information for specific life events such as Having a Baby or Getting Married.  This section covers a variety of topics such as Family and Relationships, Health Education, Finances and Insurance, and Purchases.  The Life Events page also contains a Health and Wellness section, which provides links to health and wellness websites such as WebMD and Wellness.com.
  • Calculators -This section provides a variety of calculators including budget, credit lines, home financing, and retirement.
  • Your Needs - Presents the employee with situational questions, such as “Who am I?”  The employee is able to choose an answer, such as “young single employee”, and receive information specific to that employee-type.
  • State and Federal Programs - Provides information and links to a variety of governmental programs including COBRA, FMLA, and HIPAA.  This information is not district specific.  Refer to your employee handbook, union contract, or contact Human Resources for more specific information.
  • Resources Library - Contains timely messages, health benefit forms, important documents and links to sites such as CalPERS and CalSTRS.