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CTI (Center for Teacher Innovation - BTSA)

CTI (Center for Teacher Innovation)

Formally known as BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment)

What Is Our Purpose?

Our CTI Program serves diverse purposes in supporting new teachers with these goals:

  • Provide an effective transition into the teaching career for first- and second-year teachers in our district
  • Improve the educational performance of students through improved training, information, and assistance for participating teachers
  • Enable beginning teachers to be effective in teaching students who are culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse
  • Ensure the professional success and retention of new teachers
  • Ensure that a support provider provides intensive individualized support and assistance to each participating beginning teacher
  • Ensure that an individual induction plan is in place for each participating beginning teacher and is based on an ongoing assessment
  • Ensure continuous program improvement through ongoing research, development, and evaluation

How Do We Accomplish Our Objectives?

  • Match beginning teachers with highly qualified mentor teachers
  • Provide ongoing training and support both in-district and through RCOE for support providers and participating teachers
  • Monitor new teachers' induction program progress and professional development
  • Survey participants for ideas on how to improve our program
  • Demonstrate our appreciation for the efforts of all program participants through our words and actions
  • Create a culture of support and cohesiveness through exceptional customer service