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Parent Annual Notification

State law requires the San Jacinto Unified School District provide annual notifications to students, parents
and guardians of their rights and responsibilities pertaining to their child’s education. Parent’s or guardian’s
acknowledgement is required to ensure they have been informed of their rights, while not providing consent
for their child to participate or not participate in any program listed in the Annual Notification.

Specific legislation requires additional notification to the parents or guardians during the school term prior
to certain activities. A separate letter will be sent to the parents or guardians prior to any of these specified
activities or classes, and the student will be excused whenever the parents or guardians file with the site
principal a statement in writing requesting that their child not participate. Other legislation grants certain
rights that are spelled out in this Annual Notification.

The San Jacinto Unified School District recognizes that parent and/or guardian involvement in their child’s
education promotes student achievement and contributes greatly to their success. This Annual Notification
contains information on the various ways parental involvement is both permitted and encouraged by federal
and state laws, as well as district policies. We look forward to a successful and positive school year, made
possible by the dedicated efforts of our administrators, teachers, paraeducators, support staff, students,
parents, and guardians.

Thank you for being part of our school community, allowing us to provide opportunities to your child to
reach their full potential. We’re proud to serve you and value your collaboration, communication, and
continued support.