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Attendance FAQ's

Welcome Back 2018-19 School Year!

We hope you had a terrific summer and are ready for another successful year here at SJUSD. In order to ensure your child's success we would like to remind all parents of our district;s attendance policy.

  • How long do I have to clear an absence? Don't forget to call your school and clear your student's absence. Parents have 3 Days per board policy from the day of the absence to clear it. We encourage all of our parents to call even if it is past the 3 Days.
  • What is an unexcused absences? Any full day absence or 30 minutes or more tardy or absence that is not excused per Education Code 48205 is an unexcused absence.
  • What is a Truant Student? A student missing more than 30 minutes of instruction without an excuse three times during the school year is classified as a truant.
  • WHO do I contact if I have attendance Questions? Please contact your schools' attendance clerk.
  • Why is school attendance important? The student will have better grades, develop healthy life hacks, is more likely to avoid dangerous and has a better chance of graduating from high school.


Attendance Intervention Process

At three unexcused absences, truancy letters are mailed out to the parents and a school Attendance Review Team(SART) appointment is set at school. That team us designed to help inform parents about attendance issues and signed to help inform parents about attendance issues and create an attendance support plan that includes intervention and support. If unexcused absences continue after the SART meeting, then there will be a district level, School Attendance Review Board(SARB) meeting in another attempt to intervene. After the SARB meeting, if unexcused absences continue, the student and parent(s) will be referred to a District Attorney meeting held at the San Jacinto Police Department. The District Attorney then facilitates the legal ramifications: 1) School District Attendance Monitoring 2)Citation(per parent/per student) The first citation is $500, second citation-$1000, third citation-$2,000 3)Filling of Misdemeanor charges which can result in hours of community service, fines, and/or possible jail time.

Attendance Strategies 

1)  Set Afternoon/Evening Routine
  • Homework Complete, Shower/Bath, Lay Clothes Out
  • Set Bedtime/Enough Sleep(No Cellphone)
2)  Set Morning Routine
  • Alarm, Grooming(Hair/Teeth), Get Dressed
  • Get to School when Campus opens- FREE BREAKFAST
3)  Create Transportation Back Up Plans:
      a) Bad Weather b) Car Problems c) Driver is sick
4)  Help your child develop a positive attitude about school, learning and encourage
      them to participate in school and activities
5)  Teach benefits of good attendance and consequences of poor attendance.
      Research shows a correlation with student success that relates to their
      Kindergarten attendance.
6)  Communicate with the school site regarding, all absences right away the
      morning of the absences.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers Deputy Dunlap and Deputy Bunn.
School Resource Officers provide safe learning environments, provide valuable resources to school personnel, foster positive relationships with students, developing strategies to resolve problems affecting youth and protecting all students, so they can reach their fullest potentials.
Deputy Dunlap - Riverside Sheriff Dept. San Jacinto High School
Deputy Bunn - Riverside Sheriff Dept Elementary & Middle Schools