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Staff Directory

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Student, Community & Personnel Support  
Courtney Hall Executive Director 4291
Juan Penaloza P.O.S.A. 4207
Dawn Lawrence Safety Officer 4411
Cathy Remily Coordinator 4312
Samantha Martinez Administrative Secretary 4288
Ambar Tejada Secretary I  4268
Nelida Gonzalez-Oviedo Translator / Interpreter  
Anna Rodriguez Attendance & Student Support Specialist 4261
Martha Gutierrez Attendance & Student Support Specialist 4223
Carmina Camacho Attendance & Student Support Specialist 4290
Delia Vazquez American Indian School, Family, & Community Liaison 4286
Vacant Foster Youth/McKinney Vento School, Family, & Community Liaison 3069
Venus Rodriguez PBIS T.O.S.A. 4301
Rachel Clark Messineo T.O.S.A. PBIS 4322
Enrollment Center    
Cinthia Chavez-Torres Supervisor 3071
Helen Estrada Secretary I  3072
Clarissa Escobedo Secretary I 3065
Lisset (Xiomara) Escobar Enrollment Technician 3080
Patricia Moreno Enrollment Technician 3056

Parent Center    
Carla Adame Family & Comm Engagement Specialist 3077
Sheila Blythe School, Family & Community Liaison 3075