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Staff Directory

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Student, Community & Personnel Support  
Dr. Karen Kirschinger Exec. Director 4291
Juan Penaloza P.O.S.A. 4207
Dawn Lawrence Safety Officer 4411
Cathy Remily Coordinator 4312
Samantha Martinez Administrative Secretary 4288
Anna Rodriguez Attendance Specialist 4261
Martha Gutierrez Attendance Specialist 4223
Vacant Attendance Specialist 4290
Ambar Tejada Secretary I  4268
Delia Vazquez American Indian School, Family, & Community Liaison 4286
Adriana Cota Foster Youth/McKinney Vento School, Family, & Community Liaison 3069
Venus Rodriguez PBIS T.O.S.A. 4301
Rachel Clark Messineo T.O.S.A. PBIS 4322
Enrollment Center    
Cinthia Chavez-Torres Supervisor 3071
Helen Estrada Secretary I  3072
Nelida Gonzalez-Oviedo Secretary I 3065
Lisset (Xiomara) Escobar Enrollment Technician 3080

Parent Center    
Carla Adame Family & Comm Engagement Specialist 3077
Sheila Blythe School, Family & Community Liaison 3075