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Will Serve Letter

Upon request, Facilities Services will prepare and fax or email a Will Serve letter.


The Will Serve letter:

  1.     Provides verification that San Jacinto Unified School District will serve students living at that location.
  2.      Does not provide developer fee information or cost.
  3.      Requires the address and/or location of the property, including the nearest cross streets and contact information.

The San Jacinto Unified School District will no longer guarantee attendance within a current elementary or middle school boundary for students generated from new housing developments due to explosive growth of new residential development within the San Jacinto Unified School District boundaries.  As such, individual students may be assigned to a school which has available seating for that grade level.



For information on obtaining a Will Serve Letter, please contact Alexander Adame, Facilities Planner, at (951) 929-7700 Ext. 4680.