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Hemet/San Jacinto Student of the Month 2023-24

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Our  Mission is to bring the community together to honor and praise our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school activities, athletics, and community service. We recognize students who have overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The “heartbeat” of Student of the Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school and community with sincerity and passion. They must be college or trade-school-bound.
March 2024 Students of the Month
  • Kevin Gomez, Hamilton High School

  • Calvin Brown, Hemet High School

  • Michael Barranco Rivas, Mountain. View High School

  • Lea Hope Raven Edwards, San Jacinto High School

  • Emilio Francisco, Tahquitz High School

  • Cayman Crayton, Western Academy Center

  • Sayra Navarro, West Valley High School

February 2024 Students of the Month
    • Jocelyn Ochoa, Allesandro High School

    • Samuel Carranza, Hamilton High School

    • Noah Duarte, Hemet High School

    • Desiree Hernandez, Mountain Heights Academy

    • Denton Capell, San Jacinto High School

    • Alex Flores, Tahquitz High School

    • Astrid Howard, West Valley High School 

January 2024 Students of the Month
  • Aniya Perez, Academy of Innovation

  • Ashlynn, Hamilton High School

  • Joniah Walker, Hemet High School

  • Elyana Arambula, Mountain View High School

  • Leslye Osuna, San Jacinto High School

  • Leilani Guerrero Frias, Tahquitz High School

  • Samantha Lopez, West Valley High School

December 2023 Students of the Month
  • Jasmine Moralez, Hamilton High School

  • Loren Sullivan, Hemet High School

  • Donald Downs, Mountain View High School

  • Trinity Jones, San Jacinto High School

  • Do'Jonni "DJ" Bryant, Tahquitz High School

  • Natalie Perez Flores, West Valley High School


November 2023 Students of the Month

  • Rey Urtiz, Hamilton High School

  • Luke Wright, Hemet High School

  • Sunshine Alvarado, Mountain Heights Academy

  • Sahid Aguilar, San Jacinto High School

  • Rhianna Salazar, Tahquitz High School

  • Isaiah Suso, Western Center Academy

October 2023 Students of the Month
  • Isabella Rivera, Alessandro High School

  • Olivia Lopez, Hamilton High School

  • Daniel Mendoza, Hemet High School

  • Melissa Jimenez, Mountain View High School

  • Joshua Ramirez, San Jacinto High School

  • Ubaldo  Puente, Tahquitz High School

  • Brooke Benford, West Valley High School

September 2023 Students of the Month
  • Kevin Smith, Academy of Innovation

  • Mason Dunn, Hamilton High School

  • Bailey Easley, Hemet High School

  • Kelis Hernandez, Mountain View High School

  • Camila Carmona, San Jacinto High School

  • Diana Ramirez, Tahquitz High School

  • Kai Loera, West Valley High School