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Hemet/San Jacinto Student of the Month 2022-23

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Our  Mission is to bring the community together to honor and praise our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school activities, athletics, and community service. We recognize students who have overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The “heartbeat” of Student of the Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school and community with sincerity and passion. They must be college or trade-school-bound.
March 2023 Students of the Month
  • Cataryna Acevedo, Hamilton High School

  • Salem Walsh, Hemet High School

  • Desiree Herrera, Mountain View High School

  • Soowut Rodriguez, San Jacinto High School.

  • Kevin Perales, Tahquitz High School

  • Sean Fuentes, Western Center Academy

  • Kaitlyn Turner, West Valley High School

February 2023 Students of the Month
  • Hazel Joi Taclay, Alessandro High School

  • Aiden Featherstone, Hamilton High School

  • Erik Pomares, Hemet High School

  • Michelle Rodriguez, Mountain Heights Academy

  • Christina Mehlman, San Jacinto High School

  • David Emiliano Delgado Bazaldua, Tahquitz High School

  • Jazmine Lou Riveral, West Valley High School

January 2023 Students of the Month
  • Valerie Flores, Academy of Innovation

  • Isavelle Lee, Hamilton High School

  • Kaylee Lopez, Hemet High School

  • Grace Truslow, Mountain View High School

  • Emily Gates, San Jacinto High School

  • Valerie Barajas, Tahquitz High School

  • Angelise Jones, West Valley High School

December 2022 Students of the Month
  • Macayla Jones, Hamilton High School

  • Rebekah Becerra, Hemet High School

  • Jonathan Bartlett, Mountain View High School

  • Iyana Briones, Noli Indian High School

  • Ava Guerrero, San Jacinto High School

  • Issabella Castaneda, Tahquitz High School

  • Eliana Parts Fragata, West Valley High School


November 2022 Students of the Month

  • Alexander Nahsohn, Hamilton High School

  • Enrique Martinez, Hemet High School

  • Taya Huntley, Mountain Heights Academy

  • Litzy Morales, San Jacinto High School

  • Sierra Evans Hamilton, Tahquitz High School

  • Brandon Evans, Western Center Academy

  • Janis Ignacio, West Valley High School


October 2022 Students of the Month

  • Blade Davalos, Alessandro High School

  • Kayla Howder, Hamilton High School

  • Doris Conner, Hemet High School

  • Natalia Guerra, Mountain View High School

  • Troy Oloa, San Jacinto High School

  • Anjali Solanki, Tahquitz High School

  • Samuelle Garcia Perez, West Valley High School


September 2022 Students of the Month

  • Stephanie Martinez Anaya, Hamilton High School

  • Kylie Wallace, Hemet High School

  • Jonte Cooley, Mountain View High School

  • Aro Rodriguez, San Jacinto High School

  • Xavier Gonzales, Tahquitz High School

  • Owen Newborn, West Valley High School