Vision Statement

Our Vision
San Jacinto Unified School District recognizes that every student has unique individual needs. We will provide a program that meets the academic, physical, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of every student so that each student has equal opportunities to succeed and become a contributing member of society.
School personnel will use multiple measures to identify student needs and provide intervention services to all students. A team of stakeholders (General Education teacher, Special Education personnel, parent, student, administrator, etc.) will collaborate to determine the best teacher, placement, and program for each individual student. We will ensure the availability of a full continuum of program options to fit the unique needs of all students and guarantee their academic progress.
Student success will be supported by staff continuously trained to provide differentiated instruction based on each student's unique needs. Teachers, parents, instructional aides, support staff, and administrators will plan, develop, and implement classroom environments that are designed to meet the individual learning and social needs of students. All staff will be trained and informed in classroom management, behavior modification, conflict resolution, and techniques to support the success of all students. Student growth is measured academically, physically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.
We will have sufficient staff to meet student needs while providing services, accommodations, and supports within the general education classroom so that all students have equal access to the curriculum. All stakeholders will work as a team, meeting often for collaboration, to ensure success.
Parents will be offered training, resources, and contacts to support student learning.
We will use an array of technological advances and a full continuum of program options to create individualized instruction to support the pursuit of life long learning. State of the art technology will allow students to support and accelerate their learning.
Strong relationships and collaboration of stakeholders will support the development of skills and assets that allows all students to be successful academically, physically, socially, behavior