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Raptor Visitor Management System

Regular volunteers at SJUSD are issued volunteer badges; the badges are to be scanned by the Raptor system, which will check-in the volunteer who will not need an additional badge printed.  As with other visitors, volunteers will return to the school office and sign-out prior to leaving the school, again by means of their volunteer badges.
SJUSD employees visiting a different school site or work location are also required to use their district-issued badge to check-in/check-out at the school office on the Raptor kiosk. Substitute employees are included in this need to use district-issued badges for their check-in/check-out.  All substitute/regular employees are to wear badges while on our campuses, making it easier for younger children to spot someone they can trust in an emergency.  
Lost district-issued badges can be replaced by SJUSD's District Office Reception (951-929-7700 x4200).  If a volunteer or employee forgets to bring their badge when visiting another school or work location, they may use their driver's license to scan into the Raptor kiosk to have a temporary badge printed for the visit.
For more information about the use of Raptor Visitor Management System or questions about visitor protocols at SJUSD schools and work locations, contact Dawn Lawrence, Safety Officer, in the Student, Community & Personnel Support Department at (951) 929-7700 x4411.