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Comprehensive School Safety Plans

In accordance with Education Code 32280-32288 and SJUSD Board Policy and Administrative Regulations 0450(a)(b), Comprehensive School Safety Plans (CSSPs) are updated annually by March 1st.
NOTE: Some components of the CSSPs may include proprietary or confidential information that shall not be released to the general public including personal contact information for students or staff members, tactical response procedures or strategies, building infrastructure or asset information, sensitive emergency contact information, detailed security procedures for campus crisis response and campus vulnerability assessment information.
Copies of the CSSPs are kept on file at the respective school site, the District Office, and on a secure server.  School staff and responders have access to the Plan through had copy and electronic formats.
Stakeholders (parents, first responders, staff, etc.) are invited to submit questions or suggestions to any School Safety Committee and can review any school's complete plan (including confidential portions) by appointment with the Student, Community & Personnel Support Department (951-929-7700 x 4288) during regular business hours.  No portion of the Plan may be copied, redistributed or made available, in hard copy, digital format or otherwise, without the expressed written consent of the District, and in compliance with any copyright laws that may apply to the materials contained within.