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Read Aloud

Why is a Read Aloud Important? 
Reading aloud is the foundation for literacy development. It is the single most important activity for reading success (Bredekamp, Copple & Neuman, 2000). Reading aloud to students is a time-honored practice in schools and should be. Almost all adults recall the experience and some are quite passionate about it. (Fisher, Frey, Akhaven, 2020) The power of read-alouds lies in the development of listening and thinking skills. Students come to understand text structures, vocabulary, concepts, and a host of other things about reading (Beck & McKeown, 2001). Read-alouds also build background knowledge that students can mobilize when they read complex texts. Reading aloud demonstrates the relationship between the printed word and meaning. Students of any age can benefit from hearing an experienced reading of a wonderful book. Make sure to...choose a good book of interest, model thinking aloud during the reading, ask questions about the pictures, have fun, analyze the characters, discuss the vocabulary, and use exciting expression and voices!  
Here is a link to a Google Slide Presentation on the "Importance of a Read Aloud" This presentation goes over the six important steps for an effective read aloud. Below is also a link to listen to the presentation narrated as well.
Here are some skills that students can gain from a "Read Aloud": 
  • Build a motivation for reading
  • Development of vocabulary (understanding the meaning of various words in context)
  • Hearing what a fluent reader sounds like (pauses, expression, animation) and practicing while reading aloud
  • Exercising speaking and listening skills
  • Building an appreciation for literature or information
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Here is a resource with a list of books to support our 'Read Aloud' Challenge and also to highlight the importance of kindness and empathy. Click this link to get more information!