Elementary Curriculum & Instruction

Our Mission
We exist to educate and empower all students to achieve academic excellence, personal growth and social responsibility. Our goal is to provide all students a rigorous, engaging and differentiated 21st century education in order to create future ready learners.
Our Vision and Purpose
Our seven elementary schools serve grade levels kindergarten through fifth grade. Two of our school sites Clayton A. Record Jr. Elementary and also Park Hill Elementary serve transitional kindergarten as well as kindergarten through fifth grade. Currently, our SJUSD elementary sites serve approximately 4,500 students grades transitional kindergarten through fifth grade. 
Elementary Sites: 
As an elementary team our focus is to strive to ensure all students are proficient readers by grade three. Also, there is always a continued emphasis on providing rigorous standards based instruction daily utilizing the Common Core State Standards in both English Language Arts and Mathematics. Our core adopted curriculum for English Language Arts is McGraw Hill-Wonders/Maravillas and Eureka in Mathematics.
With this in mind our elementary teams are dedicated to support and motivate families & students to "Ready, Set, Read!" It is important to reiterate that reading occurs across all content areas or subject matter. Reading is all around you! This reading initiative has been established to highlight the importance of reading and becoming a literate student who can read, write, critically think, and communicate at a high levels.
Balanced literacy is an important part of becoming a proficient reader. Balanced Literacy encompasses five crucial components like, a Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Word Study, Guided Reading, and Independent Reading. Within these five components are essential elements that can be defined as constrained and unconstrained skills such as phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing development phases. These are all imperative aspects of building reading proficiency. To learn more about these key components of balanced literacy, how you can support your student or child with reading and much more about elementary curriculum and instruction please browse this page. We appreciate your continued support of San Jacinto Unified and we look forward to working alongside you to bring out the "reader" in you and each and every one of our students!  
"The more that you read. The more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
-Dr. Seuss     
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Shelley Mendez, Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Shelley Mendez
Elementary Curriculum & Instruction
Lanette Laffoon, Administrative Secretary
Lanette Laffoon
Administrative Secretary
Elementary Curriculum & Instruction