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Parent Involvement Type #4: Learning at Home 

This parent involvement type has been linked to having the strongest influence over student achievement.  In order for parents to know how to support their student with learning at home, they must be active participants in learning themselves.  Ask your child's school what workshops or other opportunities are available for you to gather ideas on how to help your child with homework, other curriculum activities and planning for college or career.


Parent Involvement Type #6: Collaborating with the Community 

SJUSD has identified resources and services in the community that we believe strengthen school programs, family practices and student learning and development.  Parents can choose to contact these agencies and find out more about them in order to determine whether it is something their child can benefit from.

Parent Resource for Clever: 
SJUSD has added a resource for parents to assist students in accessing Clever from home. 
Please click on the link below to access the resource.