Name / Email Title Extension
Luke Smith Executive Director of Business Services 4239
Ashlynn Woods Supervisor of Accounting 4213
April Alvarez Administrative Secretary 4239
Alfonso Cardona Accounting Technician/Contracts/Facilities 4218
Ashley Dijkstra Accounting Technician / Categorical Programs 4240
Shelley Ruzzamenti Accounting Technician / Attendance 4243
Emily Baker Account Clerk I / Accounts Receivable 4215
Jhoana Chavez Account Clerk II / Accounts Payable 4217
Teresa West Account Clerk II / Accounts Payable 4220
Luda Zhukov Account Clerk II/Payroll & Benefits 4209
Name / Email Title Extension
Deven Skibinski Purchasing Agent 4413
Bree Roman Purchasing Specialist 4205
Ana Rivera Mail Courier 4265
Child Nutrition    
Name / Email Title Extension
Tammy White Director 3793
Angela Phalen Chef Coordinator 3794
Karen Wilson Administrative Secretary 3793
Shirley Chavez Supervisor 3797
Julie Emerson Nutrition Services Technician 3796
Karina Salcido Ruiz Account Clerk I 3792
Carla Tolentino Account Clerk II 3795
Michael Compton Storekeeper/Lead Driver 3789
Facilities & Operations    
Name / Email Title Extension
Michael Collins Director 4681
Korey Lawson Energy Education Manager 4683
Barry Mulcock Facilities Project Manager 4696
Neal Conijn Maintenance/Grounds Supervisor 4699
Adrian Alexandru Custodial Supervisor 4206
Mary Diaz Facilities Assistant 4681
Johanna Thaning Administrative Secretary 4695
Alex Adame Facilities Planner 4680
Debbie Johnson Secretary I 4694
Albrey Northington Account Clerk I 4677
Technology Services    
Chawn Lytle Director 4500
Robert Leonard Tech Systems Manager 4279
Evan Metheny Tech Systems Manager 4273
Dave Baker Tech Support Specialist II 4277
Tai Wong (Home: SJHS) Tech Support Specialist II 2972
Todd Northington Tech Support Specialist II 4278
Bekah Mosier Digital Media Design/Training Specialist 4274
Sam Meza Help Desk Technician 4275
Heleena Barlow Payroll Supervisor (Certificated) 4214
Leilani Thrasher Payroll Technician (Classified) 4219
Luda Zhukov Account Clerk II Payroll & Benefits 4209
Name / Email Title Extension
Serenity Junge Risk Management & Employee Benefits Supervisor 4233
April Alvarez Administrative Secretary 4203
Luda Zhukov Account Clerk II  Payroll & Benefits 4209