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Hemet/San Jacinto Student of the Month 2021-22

Our  Mission is  to bring the community together to honor and praise our local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school activities, athletics, and community service. We recognize students who have overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The “heartbeat” of Student of the Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school and community with sincerity and passion. They must be college or trade school bound.
Please enjoy our 21-22 Student of the Month Videos
March 2022 Students of the Month
  • Jamie Urtiz, Hamilton High School

  • Katelyn Sonnier, Hemet High School

  • Soleil Sandoval, Mountain View High School

  • Raider Nunez, San Jacinto High School

  • Halley Jade Pareja, Tahquitz High School

  • Caiden Bonney, Western Center Academy

  • Priscila Aguilar, West Valley High School

February 2022 Students of the Month
  • Amari Hill, Alessandro High School

  • Erica Gutierrez, Hamilton High School

  • Aaliyah Cruz, Hemet High School

  • Abigail Lazarrus, Mountain Heights Academy

  • Freddy Boyd, San Jacinto High School

  • Kasey Aguilar, Tahquitz High School

  • Cynthia Jauregui, West Valley High School

January 2022 Students of the Month​
  • Emily Guerrero, Academy of Innovation

  • Christian Gutierrez, Hamilton High School

  • Cloe Cadenhead, Hemet High School

  • Jasmine McKenna, Mountain View High School

  • San Jacinto High School, Paris Robinson

  • Kaylie Cox, Tahquitz High School

  • Karina McQueen, West Valley High School

December 2021 Students of the Month
  • Lanaya Contreras, Hamilton High School

  • Kimberly Montanez, Quintanilla Hemet High School

  • Derin Ramos, Mountain View High School

  • Adanesne Carrasco Soto, San Jacinto High School

  • David Lieras, Tahquitz High School

  • Aaron Holaway, West Valley High School

November 2021 Students of the Month
  • Zachary Cholodenko Vollan, Hamilton High School

  • Nahum Pina, Hemet High School

  • Sam Chaney, Mountain View High School

  • Sameer Farag, San Jacinto High School

  • Alexis Chanelo, Tahquitz High School

  • Christopher Huerta, Western Center Academy

  • Kamaree Lewis, West Valley High School

October 2021 Students of the Month
  • Korrina Flores, Alessandro High School

  • Ashlyn Miller, Hamilton High School

  • Mia Barcenas Hernandez, Hemet High School

  • Jasmine Proffitt, Mtn. Heights Academy

  • Kimora Hill, San Jacinto High School

  • Naidelyn Franco, Tahquitz High School

  • Alexia Granville, West Valley High School


September 2021 Students of the Month

Cecilia Aguila, Hamilton High School

  • Kyron Penn, Mountain View High School

  • Micaiah Cox, Academy of Innovation

  • Saige Zinck, Tahquitz High School

  • Ivonne Juarez, San Jacinto High School

  • Melany Hernandez, Hemet High School

  • Hailey Houser, West Valley High School