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AB 329 Overview

Middle and High School Overview
In 7th & 9th grade, San Jacinto Unified science teachers will use Positive Prevention Plus, a state-approved curriculum to teach comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention. The law requires that instruction and materials encourage students to communicate with parents, guardians, or other trusted adults. Instruction must be medically accurate, age-appropriate and equitable. Parents/guardians have the right to preview the curriculum. For more information about Positive Prevention Plus, please visit their website. 
Parent Preview of Positive Prevention Plus
Parents/guardians have the right to preview the curriculum before instruction begins and have the right to opt their students out of sexual health education.
Parents Right To Opt Out of Instruction
Parents have the right to opt their students out of instruction. Students will receive an informational letter with (1) dates to preview the curriculum and (2) the opt-out form from their school site. Signed forms must be returned to the student's teacher by the indicated deadline. For more information, visit the Opting Out page.
Instruction Timeline
Initial parent notifications go out in February. Each site will be sending out information about opting out of instruction and curriculum review in March. The first day of instruction for each site will be posted below.