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Annual Notifications

Annual Notifications for Employees
The Board of Trustees believes providing clear communication to staff is essential to establishing a professional, positive work environment and enhancing their job performance.  Board Policy 4112.9 requires that all SJUSD employees are notified about the below information on an annual basis. Employees are also responsible for adhering to the Annual Notifications, and to all Federal and State Laws, SJUSD Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, and SJUSD Memorandums.  Any questions regarding the Annual Notifications for Staff may be directed to Personnel, or Benefits & Risk Management Division of Business Services.
Board Policies/Administrative Regulations 
Sexual Harassment, Legal Remedies, Complaints
Legal Code: Education Code 231.5, Government Code 12950, 2 CCR 11023
Board Policy/Administrative Regulation #: AR 4119.11/4219.11/4319.11
Use of Pesticide Product, Active Ingredients, Internet Address to Access Information
Legal Code: Education Code 17612
Uniform Complaint Procedures, Appeals, Civil Law Remedies, Coordinator, Complaints About Student Fees and Local Control and Accountability Plan
Legal Code: Education Code 49013; 5 CCR 4622
Universal Precautions
Legal Code: Health and Safety Code 120875, 120880
Availability of Asbestos Management Plan; Any Inspections, Response Actions or Post-Response Actions Planned Or In Progress
Legal Code: 40 CFR 763.84, 763.93
Copy of Employee's Evaluation
Legal Code: Education Code 44663
Existence, Location, and Availability of Exposure and Medical Records; Person Responsible for Maintaining and Providing Access to Records; Right to Access Records
Legal Code: 8 CCR 32045193