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Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions
  1. Purchase Order Required. The District Will not be responsible for any goods delivered without a Purchase Order. 
  2. Vendor Shipping Cost. Vendor shall pay boxing, packing, or cartage charges unless specifically authorized on the face of this order. 
  3. No Price Deviation. No deviation in price, quantity or substitution shall be accepted, unless agreed in writing by the District and specified on this order.
  4. Separate invoices are required for each purchase order and must include the following information: purchase order number, item description, quantity,    unit price and extended totals for items delivered. Failure to enter the above information on the invoice shall cause a delay in payment. All invoices        should be mailed to the San Jacinto Unified School District, Accounts Payable Department. 2045 S. San Jacinto Ave., San Jacinto, CA 92583 or emailed  to ap@sanjacinto.k12.ca.us.
  5. Shipping receipt must accompany your invoice. Unless otherwise specified, all goods are to be shipped prepaid F.O.B. destination. Where specific      authorization is granted to ship goods F.O.B. shipping point, the vendor shall prepay all shipping charges, route goods by the cheapest way (unless      authorized to ship by other means) and bill the San Jacinto Unified School District for the actual handling/delivery charges paid.
  6. Cash Discount The cash discount period to purchaser will commence on the date the invoice was received, not from date on the invoice.
  7. In the event that seller fails to supply goods or services of suitable quality, quantity, or within the time stated on this order, the District may, at its   option, cancel order or return merchandise at Vendor's expense and purchase like or similar suitable goods or services at a higher price with original     vendor responsible to District for additional costs suffered. 
  8. No Gift Cards. This purchase order does not authorize the purchase of gift cards unless otherwise clearly indicated by description and quantity on the   purchase order.
  9. The terms and conditions of sale as stated in this order shall govern in the event of conflict with any terms of seller's  proposal, and are not subject to  change  by reason of any written  or verbal statements by seller or by any terms stated in seller's acknowledgment.  Vendor must bring back orders and  cancellations to the immediate attention of the Purchasing Department.
  10. PO Signature. Purchase orders are valid only when signed by the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent or Executive Director of Business Services.
  11. Vendor represents and warrants that CAL OSHA standards were adhered to and that no Federal or State Statute or Regulations nor Municipal Ordinance has been or will be violated in the design, manufacture, sale, and delivery of any article or service sold and delivered hereunder.  If such violation has or does occur, vendor will indemnify and hold harmless purchaser from all loss, penalties, or the payment of all sums of money on account of such a violation.
  12. Equal Opportunity Provision. The supplier shall comply with all equal opportunity provisions of federal, state, and local nondiscrimination laws, ordinances, regulations, and guidelines as may be applicable to the supplier.
  13. Federal Excise Federal Excise Tax exemption must never be included in invoice. Exemption certificate sent upon request.
  14. Hold Harmless Clause. The vendor will hold harmless and indemnify the San Jacinto Unified School District, it’s Board of Trustees, its officers and employees, individually or collectively, from and against all costs, losses, claims, demands, suits, actions, payments and judgments, including legal and attorney fees which may be made by reason of, (a) any personal or bodily injuries or property damage or otherwise sustained by the supplier or by any person, firm or corporation employed directly or indirectly by the supplier or in connection with the supplier's performance under the purchase order, however caused (by) any personal or bodily injuries or property damage or otherwise, firm, or corporation, caused by any act, neglect, default, or omission of the supplier or of any person, firm, or corporation, directly or indirectly employed by the supplier upon or in connection with the supplier's performance under the purchase order (c) any liability that may arise from the furnishing or use of any copyrighted or uncopyrighted composition, secret process, or patented or unpatented invention, under the purchase order.
  15. California Education Code In accordance the California Education Code section 17604, multi-year agreements are not valid or enforce obligation against the District until approved or ratified by motion of the Governing Board duly passed and adopted.
  16. Prevailing Wage. For projects completed by a particular journeyman craft or contractor classification, the vendor must comply with prevailing wage LC-1770. General prevailing wage determinations are made by the Director of Industrial Relations. For more information, please contact the California Department of Industrial Relations.
  17. The vendor shall maintain insurance adequate to protect it from claims under Worker’s Compensation Acts, and from claims for damages for personal injury, including death, and damage to property which may arise from operations under the contract, The vendor may be required to file certificates of such insurance with the District. Failure to furnish such evidence, if required, may be considered default by the vendor.
  18. Permits and Licenses. The contractor and all of his employees or agents shall secure and maintain in force such licenses and permits as are required by law, in connection with the furnishing of materials, articles or services herein listed. All operations and materials shall be in accordance with law.
  19. Contractor Not Officer, Employee or Agent of the District. While engaged in carrying out the terms and conditions of the contractor, the contractor is an  independent contractor, and not an officer, employee or agent of the District.
  20. District Name May Not Be Used. The name and/or logo of the District or any school of the District may not be used in any advertisements or other communication, which may convey the impression that the District authorizes the solicitation and/or that there may be some connection between the District and the vendor.
  21. Assignment of Contract. The supplier shall not assign or transfer any or all of its rights, burdens, duties or obligations to any entity without the prior written consent of the District. 
  22. Purchase and Payment Discounts. In connection with any discount offered, the payment discount period shall begin on the date of delivery and acceptance at destination.  The District shall be entitled to the maximum educational or any other discount offered.  District payment terms shall be Net-30 unless otherwise specified on the purchase order.