A Message from Superintendent Perez

A Message from the Superintendent

October 11, 2016


Dear SJUSD Families,

In recent days, clown sightings have been posted nationally throughout social media.  At this time, a few of our schools have reported rumors of clown sighting; however, the rumors have not been substantiated.

San Jacinto Police Department has investigated the rumors and found no evidence to support the claims. We want to remind parents and students that SJUSD takes such rumors seriously and is working closely with local law enforcement to monitor the situation.

Additionally, if any of our students attempt to prank or joke about such incidents in our schools, such as wearing masks or report false sightings, they will be directed to law enforcement and disciplinary actions may be taken.  Please talk to your child regarding the seriousness of these types of jokes or pranks.

Student and staff safety is our first priority in our schools.  Thank you for your support.

Diane Perez