Momo Challenge

The San Jacinto Unified School District wants to make you aware of a dangerous social media trend. It is called the “Momo Challenge.”  It originally surfaced in 2016, but is now beginning to resurface once again.  The “Momo Challenge” features a disturbing character that encourages children to commit dangerous and potentially violent acts through social media and video games, such as Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, and Minecraft.

Please take the time to talk with your children about safe online practices and limit their access to social media that is not age appropriate.  Please discuss with them the potential dangers of this challenge. We strongly encourage you to speak with your children and remind them not to talk to strangers online or open links or documents from unknown sources.

Below are links for more information about online safety.

Common Sense Media

On-Line Safety Guide

Media Guidelines

Safe Search Kids

Thank you.