Message from Superintendent Perez: SJUSD is Safe Haven

Because our business is kids, San Jacinto Unified School District stands for each and every student and will do everything in our power to ensure each student knows he or she is physically and emotionally safe at school.  

Unfortunately, the concerns about the elimination of DACA extend beyond our students’ learning environment due to fear of deportation of family members.  DACA has protected more than 750,000 people who were brought to our country as children from deportation.   San Jacinto Unified School District's Board of Trustees unanimously passed Resolution 17-18-01 on August 8, 2017, declaring SJUSD a Safe Haven and making this now an annual resolution.  SJUSD’s Safe Haven acknowledges the need for all students to feel safe regardless of immigration status or other protected class.  I have also joined educators and student advocates across the country to support immediate legislation that codifies DACA or a similar policy.

While there will be negative consequences should DACA be eliminated or phased out, this will not affect access to public education for children in K-12 grades. All children in the U.S. have a constitutional right of equal access to education, irrespective of their immigration status (Plyler v. Doe, 1982).  In California, all children between the ages of 6 and 18 must attend school under compulsory attendance laws. California law also entitles all students to a public school learning environment free from discrimination, bullying, violence, and intimidation.

WHAT DOES EACH STUDENT NEED FROM US? Each student in SJUSD needs to know that we, the staff of SJUSD, are trusted adults who are student advocates committed to educational excellence and the social and emotional well-being of each student we serve.  

Our campuses will continue to be Safe Havens. We ask you to join us as part of the San Jacinto Difference and for your extra measure of support during this time.


Diane Perez, Superintendent