Congratulations to SJUSD's 2017 Teachers of the Year!

Renee Carbajal - Record Elementary

Mrs. Carbajal began teaching 11 years ago in Los Angeles and has been with SJUSD the past four years.  She is currently a K-3 Reading Intervention Teacher.  Her new and unique teaching position allows her to closely work with over a hundred students that need specialized literacy support.  Renee states, “In my class, my children are provided with strategic skills to help them read, challenges to help them grow, and loving support so they understand mistakes are okay and great effort is the only option”. Her expertise in literacy and writing has allowed her to be used as a coach, model and trainer for other teachers at her site.  Her Principal, Shelley Mendez states, “She is an exceptional, dynamic teacher. She has a great rapport with students, teachers and parents. She gets to know each face that walks past her in the hallway. She not only supports her students, building literacy skills but also goes above and beyond to support all teachers and staff.”

Patricia Chavez - Estudillo Elementary

Trish Chavez has served SJUSD for the past 11 years as a 1st grade teacher.  She also serves as Special Events Coordinator, Four Direction Native American Club advisor, PTA Officer and as a PBIS and Technology Committee member at her site.  Her Principal, Autumn Clark states,  “She is able to bring the curriculum alive through new and innovative teaching and learning strategies. I witness exceptional character and passion in her every day.  She truly is an inspiring educator who continually has a positive impact on the education and lives of all our students”.   Regarding her personal view of teaching, Trish stated, “ My personal view is reflected in the words of Frederick Douglass, ‘Once you learn to read, you will be forever free’.  Once students learn to read and write, and work with numbers, they will become self-reliant, and will be contributing members of society.”  Her passion and love for reading is clearly seen by the bins of books around her classroom and the love of reading her students acquire.
SJUSD would also like to recognize the following outstanding employees who were selected by their site as Teacher of the Year:
  • Head Start/State Preschool, Londa Baeza
  • De Anza Elementary, Jessica Long
  • Hyatt Elementary, Vicki Flores
  • Megan Cope Elementary, Virginia Evans
  • Park Hill Elementary, Christopher Ellis
  • San Jacinto Elementary, Sharyn Guminiak
  • Monte Vista Middle, Angela Rose
  • North Mountain Middle, Valerie Williams Brown
  • San Jacinto Leadership Academy, Craig Jennings
  • Mtn. View High, Karin Lee
  • San Jacinto High, Tammy Smith Wines