All SJUSD Schools, All Grades Open for Hybrid In-Person Instruction!

In December, 2020 the California Governor unveiled a new “Safe Schools for All Plan.” The plan is based on growing scientific evidence that with the right precautions we can effectively minimize in-school transmissions of COVID-19. The proposal was developed in partnership with medical experts and state educators to outline a safe return to school for students in California. Details of this plan were then released in January 2021 with an updated guidance for returning students to schools campus. Below are the state mandated documents for SJUSD reopening schools, submitted to state and local public health agencies and approved by Riverside University Health System-Public Health Official Dr. Kaiser on March 5, 2021:

SJUSD COVID Safety Plan:

SJUSD COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist 3.5.21

SJUSD COVID-19 Protection Plan (CPP) 4.23.21

Presentations with parents regarding the reopening of SJUSD schools were conducted, with the following documents that summarize the safety measures based on current guidance from public health officials and state agencies:

SJUSD Elementary School Reopening Safety Plan 3.22.21

SJUSD Middle & High School Reopening Safety Plan 4.30.21

If students and parents have any questions, comments, or issues please contact your student(s) school site.  
Thank you for your partnership during this pandemic. We are united with you to ensure the health and safety of our students and our entire community!