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SJUSD Held Annual Staff Welcome Back Breakfast

Superintendent Diane Perez welcomed teachers, administrators, and classified team members, sharing her message "Building our Disneyland of Schools Through Collaborative Conversations." She invited Principals and Assistant Principals of each school site to help review the highlights and accomplishments of the previous year, and then provided the key focus areas for 2017-18, as well as what Superintendent Perez calls the San Jacinto Difference 'non-negotiables' for staff:
  1. People First
  2. Collaborative Conversations
  3. Inclusion: Equitable Practices
  4. Embracing Innovation and Exceptional Customer Service
  5. It's not okay to believe Our Kids don't deserve a positive, caring and enriching environment.

Dr. Nancy Dome, co-founder and CEO of Epoch Education, the event’s keynote speaker, shared her message "Embracing Culture: Cultivating Competence."  She reminded everyone that they could be the one person that makes the connection with a student, and it changes (or impacts) the student's life forever.

"Everyone here says they remember the name of their really good teachers or memorable school staff member, and they remember the name of the really bad ones," said Dr. Dome.  "Generally we don't remember those in the middle," she continued, "so tell me, where are you with the students you encounter each day?"  

Certificated staff continued with professional development training for the remainder of the day, with many receiving an overview by Dr. Doug Fisher of Fisher&Frey Literacy for Life, “Bringing it all Together with Rigorous Reading.”  Reading continues to be an instructional key focus area for SJUSD for 2017-18, as well as math and Next Generation Science Standards

“The Common Core State Standards have drawn increased attention to an instructional routine called close reading, known in some circles as analytic reading,” stated Dr. Fisher. “When students are provided with time for close reading strategies within content-area-aligned texts, their overall academic performance improves," he noted.