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 Making the San Jacinto D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-C-E



On Wednesday, February 28, the Riverside County Office of Education hosted the

41st Annual Riverside County Bee at the Moreno Valley Conference Center. 

The competition began with twenty-eight participants from across Riverside County. 


After 21 rounds of intense competition, the Bee was down to the final four.  Among the final four competitors was Hope Edwards, a sixth grader from San Jacinto Leadership Academy.  Hope successfully spelled “dilemma” to bring home the fourth place trophy. 


In her autobiography, Hope said her ultimate goal is to compete at the Scripps National Spelling Bee someday.  With her incredible performance this year, she is well on her way to achieving her goal.  

Please join us in congratulating Hope!


SJUSD Science Fair and Riverside County Science Fair Results


San Jacinto Unified School District's 2017 Science Fair was a huge success, with 110 student participants from each elementary, middle, and our comprehensive high schools.  The following district winners went on to compete at the Riverside County competition on March 28, 2017, at the Riverside Convention Center.  Faith McNeely, Sophomore from San Jacinto High School, placed in the Gold Medal category and will go on to compete at the CA State ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) on April 24 – 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA.


Please click on the link for a video highlighting our SJUSD Science Fair- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_0uCF67IK0MeXJta2wyUHV6RjA


School Site

Student Name

Project Name

County Results


Jonathon Vasquez

The Belt Pouch

Participation Certificate

Megan Cope

Alen Gonzlaez

Metal Air Battery

Participation Certificate

Park Hill

Thea Adriatico

Which Leaf Has the Most Different Pigment Using Paper Chromatography?

Silver Medal

Megan Cope

Drako Barreras

Clean and Green

Bronze Medal


Karla Garcia

Wifi Down

Bronze Medal


Eric Ramirez

Building a Tool for Identifying DNA

Bronze Medal


Saniya McWright

Energy Test

Silver Medal


Ellie Morgan

Relationship Between Self-Injurious Behavior and Communication Deficits in Patients with 1P36 Deletion Syndrome

Bronze Medal


Jill Scott

Fun With Succulents

Silver Medal,

ISEF Regional Affiliate Award from Yale Science and Engineering


Faith McNeely

Are Fish Safe to Eat?

Gold Medal, advancing to CA State ISEF on April 24, 2017

SJUSD's 2017 History Day

"Taking A Stand in History"

SJUSD's 2017 National History Day competition was a major success with students participating from San Jacinto High School and San Jacinto Leadership Academy.  There are a total of 50 students who will move on to the Riverside County National History Day competition in March 2017.  We are grateful that community members and district divisions participated by displaying exhibits related to the theme on our competition night.  Col. (Retired) Ken Fur, USAF from March Air Museum displayed artifacts from the Vietnam Era, and our district counselors, Vanessa Gomez-Lee and Dena Drouault provided the display “Taking A Stand Against Bullying.”  Thank you to our students, parents, and teachers who helped make this event possible.


Senior Level (High School Students)

Individual Historical Papers


Cynthia Platt

The Riot for Rights: Stonewall Faces Oppression and Prevails


Rodrigo Villa

Strike for Your Rights: Cesar Chavez and the Fight for Worker’s Rights


Julyssa Acosta

Deitrich Bonhoeffer - An Unforgettable Activist

Honorable Mention

Cara Fernandez

Van Gogh’s Stand Against Self Doubt and Depression

Individual Exhibits


Alyssa Jo Edwards

Betty Friedan


Marley Begorre

Peace Vs. War


Nancy Romo

The Dada Movement

Honorable Mention

Ji-rey Horton

Abraham Lincoln’s Fight Against Slavery

Group Exhibits


Rachel Farnum

Osmara Garcia

Fatima Santoya

Irene Sendler: Planting Futures One Child At a Time


Glen Lopez

Erika Cortez

Feminist Movement


Destiny Aranda

Jullane Haban

Victorious Comenh

Hidden Heroes of the Holocaust

Honorable Mention

Natalie Parman

Magnolia Worthington

White Rose Movement

Individual Documentaries


Cristina Williams

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


Nadia Talamantez

Leonidas’ Last Stand in the Battle of Thermopylae


Aisah Bansuan

Frederick Douglass

Honorable Mention

Carolina Villegas

1968 East LA Walkouts: A Moment in Taking a Stand in History

Group Documentaries


Oscar Rubalcava

Neida Espinoza

Winston Churchill: The Island Defender


Faith McNeilly

Alyssa Cardenas

Taking A Stand in World War II


Emily Damian Meza

Patricia Tapia

Ryan Reeves

Erin Gruwell Takes a Stand

Individual Websites


Esmeralda Rizo



Selena Cathers

MADD / Candy Lightner


Angie Rosales

Mahatma Gandhi

Honorable Mention

Tiffany Morris

Abstract Expressionist Movement: Jackson Pollack

Group Website


Abraham De Luna

Natalia Zamora

The Farm Worker’s Civil Rights Movement: Chavez and Huerta Take a Stand for Human Rights


Susana Cisneros

Jennifer Nunez

A Voice of Civil Rights: Malcolm X


Brianna Iniguez

John Chavez

Michael Jackson

Honorable Mention

Brisa Sanchez

Lynette Blancas

Marjorie Briones

Women’s Civil Rights Movement

Individual Performance


Melissa Figueroa

The French Revolution

Junior Level (Middle School Students)

Historical Paper


Yamile Peel

Jackie Robinson


Regine Valdez

Esther Peterson

Individual Exhibits


Georgia Jacomet

Billy Jean King

Group Exhibits


Evelyn Moua

Madison Moua

Wat’s Rebellion


Joshua Taylor

Vianka Ponce

William Wilberforce

Individual Documentaries


Eleanor Morgan

The Rescue of the Lipizzans

Individual Website


Solomia Pirch

MADD / Candy Lightner


Nate Peng


Group Website


Justin Grino

Alexander Langston

Daniel Aguilar

MADD / Candy Lightner



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