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Our Core Values



EQUITY Defined: Each and every student receives individualized support needed to be successful. Personal or social circumstances, such as ethnicity, gender, disability, origin or family background, are not obstacles to achieving high levels of learning.  

Adapted from Culturally Proficient Leadership



We believe it is our moral imperative to ensure high levels of learning through equity and access for each and every student.  We accomplish this by engaging in inclusive policies and practices, eliminating barriers to student success, embracing and acknowledging our rich diversity, ensuring students receive timely, personalized support, and modeling respectful and dignified interactions at all times.



We facilitate excellence by establishing organizational clarity and modeling high standards for personal, professional and academic growth.



Through Professional learning Communities (PLC), we encourage, support and celebrate student learning by setting high expectations, collaborating, and implementing best practices to improve student achievement.



We demonstrate honest, ethical, and socially responsible behavior by treating others with dignity and respect, acknowledge all perspectives, demonstrating trustworthiness and honoring commitments.



We encourage and support creativity, diversity and inclusion by inspiring new ideas through collaboration, applied and integrated technology, community involvement and global partnerships.
We believe our parents/guardians and community are essential partners in the success and healthy development of each and every student.  We recognize the importance of a strong home-to-school connections.  Through high-trust behaviors and actions, our families will know they belong to the SJUSD Family.  We wholeheartedly welcome and desire our families to join with us as we build an inclusive, joyful, rigorous and safe learning environment responsive to the needs of each and every student.