Distance Learning Expectations

What to Expect From Distance Learning
The start of the 2020-2021 school year is very different from the spring 2020 emergency closure for many reasons.  Students will have a daily learning experience with a schedule similar to their in person or traditional classroom. Daily attendance will be taken and assignments, participation, and independent work will be graded.  There will also be ‘live’ virtual teacher interaction and instruction, which is referred to as synchronous teaching or learning.  Additionally, there will be recorded lessons for students, known as asynchronous teaching available for students to view.  Below are some “must do’s” for a positive distance learning experience:
  • District Chromebook or similar device and internet are required
  • Daily login through the Clever Portal to access Google Classroom
  • Live Google Meet and/or Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Daily live instruction and interactions with teachers and peers as determined by student schedule
  • Rigorous instruction with core curriculum equivalent to in person instruction
  • Required instructional minutes by grade level as outlined in Senate Bill 98
  • Graded assignments and regular progress monitoring.
  • Progress reports and report cards will be provided
  • Attendance will be monitored and recorded daily through live instruction, logging in and viewing and/or completing assignments/assessments, and/or regular communication with the teacher
  • Teacher will be in contact with students and families regularly with office hours and weekly supports
Google or Zoom Meeting Manners
Sample Student Schedules
Your child's school and teacher will provide more detailed information regarding your the daily schedule.  Sample daily schedules based on the distance learning bell schedules for elementary and secondary are provided to assist families with identifying the requirements for synchronous (teacher and student working together) and asynchronous (teacher and student working independently) as established by each school.  Teachers are available for student support during asynchronous instructional time.
Additional Information for Distance Learning
As parents/guardians you may wonder what to expect for your student as they participate in distance learning.  Here are some important things to remember as you begin this school year so your child is successful in their virtual distance learning program.
  • Students must have a District Chromebook that may be checked out from their school or similar personal device
  • Students must have internet connectivity through home WiFi or District provided hotspot
  • Students should have a dedicated learning area at home to successfully participate in distance learning
  • Students must log-in to Clever and/or Google Classroom daily to attend and participate in live instruction and any pre-recorded lessons five days a week Monday-Friday.
  • Students will adhere to distance learning schedules and lesson plans provided by their teacher(s)
  • Students and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) will be communicated with on a regular basis via email, phone, and virtual classroom office hours as necessary
  • Students will communicate with teacher(s) for support if they are struggling to participate in live instruction or recorded lessons or if they are having difficulty completing assignments
  • Students will participate in whole group direct instruction
  • Students will participate in small group instruction based on specific needs
  • Students will complete asynchronous assignments and/or independent work on time
  • Homework assignments will not be given as these learning activities will be incorporated into the daily distance learning instructional schedule. We highly encourage and recommend independent reading as homework practice
For Additional Support
If you have additional questions or need support with anything related to distance learning, please contact your child's teacher or school administration directly.  We are here to support each and every student with their individual learning needs.