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Branding and Logo Use

San Jacinto Unified School District's brand revolves around using our colors, logo and typography correctly and consistently. Using these elements in all district publications and communications ensures a cohesive voice. All district-level flyers, brochures, graphics, etc. should be consistent. Below you will find our district colors, fonts, and logos which will help maintain our brand.
There are two primary colors that make up our brand elements, these colors may be used for communications, documents, and electronic media. The three secondary colors may be used with the primary colors for contrast, but should never be used as stand alone colors to represent our district. San Jacinto Unified School District's primary colors are Teal and Gray. Teal colors represent initiative, creativity, and protection. Gray represents neutrality and consistency. Our secondary colors are Gold, Light Teal and Crimson. Gold represents warmth and confidence, light teal represents transparency and crimson represents care.
Teal Color Gray Color
Gold Color Light Teal Color Crimson Color
The San Jacinto Unified School District logo is an essential piece of our identity. Please follow the guidelines below for proper use of the logo. The logo and all text is a combined file and is sized together. No elements should be moved or changed when using the logo options.
*The logo should never be smaller than 1 inch across.
 SJUSD Logo  SJUSD Logo Horizontal
Official SJUSD Logo

The all color option should only be used on light and white backgrounds only.
PNG    |    EPS
Official SJUSD Horizontal Logo

The white text option should be used on dark backgrounds only.
PNG    |    EPS
No Text Logo  
Logo Without Text

The Brandmark is available for special circumstances if the "Official Logo" cannot be used.
PNG    |    EPS
  • Substitute colors or switch colors
  • Stretch, distort, cut or rotate
  • Recreate, outline or add a border
  • Add elements, use distracting backgrounds or use the logo without the brandmark.
*An all-white logo or grayscale logo should be avoided except in special cases. Please contact the Public Information Officer if you have a special use request requiring an all white or grayscale logo.
There are thousands of fonts available, with new ones being created everyday. However, not all fonts reflect the professional image preferred by San Jacinto Unified School District. The use of novelty or script fonts in official SJUSD communications is highly discouraged. The consistent use of our brand fonts ensures a unified look and feel to district communications and publications. The following fonts should be used on all district-level publications.
*The standard Arial font is recommended for use in letters and other correspondence on district letterhead.

Oswald Text SampleOswald Bold
Also available in extra light, light, regular, and semi bold.
All caps, should be used for header and title text.
Kanit Text Sample
Kanit Black
Also available in thin, light, regular, semi bold and italics. All caps, should be used for header and title text.
Lato Black text SampleLato Black
Also available in hairline, light, bold, heavy and italics.
All caps should be used for sub header and sub title.
Lato Text SampleLato Regular
Also available in hairline, light, bold, heavy and italics.
Suitable for use as body text.


The email signature file contains instructions for use. Please do not add distracting quotes or backgrounds to emails.