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Welcome to the San Jacinto Leadership Academy

We are a Magnet School in the San Jacinto Unified School District offering a full public education to grades six through eight.  As a Magnet School, we qualify for open enrollment—anyone who meets our entrance criteria can apply and attend from anywhere within or outside the district.  What makes us unique enough to be a Magnet School is our focus on Leadership Development.  We are all about creating a school environment where bright, motivated young people can accelerate their progress toward achieving their personal vision.

Our school environment draws from the best of our military traditions to include the wear of uniforms every day.  Our classes are also limited to 33 students each and incorporate a single-gender structure.  This tight-knit organization, with specific procedures, creates an atmosphere that supports the self-discipline and teamwork so necessary for success in today’s highly competitive world.  And that’s the measure of merit:  the success of our students as both learners AND leaders.  Smaller, single-gender classes, provide better, individualized attention to your student.  The uniforms, the daily regimen, and the organizational structure create an identity, a sense of ‘team’, in which emerging leaders flourish.

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The Pride of San Jacinto

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