Head Start State Preschool



Dear parents and families,

Welcome and congratulations on being selected to participate in one of our the Early Childhood Education Centers' programs.


The Philosophy of the Head Start/State Preschool program is to provide and promote experiences that meet the individual needs of the children enrolled, by stimulating learning in all areas of development.  The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and challenging.  We believe that children learn best from direct and personal exploration of the environment.  Children learn through curiosity and discovery; by making choices through trial and error, and through modeling of adults in their world.  Our programs are designed to enhance the individual skills of each child and to honor and celebrate their uniqueness. 


We believe in serving the “whole child” which includes the child’s family and community.  Parents are an important part of our program, as we believe parents are the child’s primary teacher.  Therefore, parent participation in the program is highly encouraged.


We believe that a well-prepared and sensitive staff is crucial to the success of our program.  Staff is encouraged to continue their professional growth through formal and informal education. 


We strongly believe that it is staff and parents communicating and working together in the best interest of the child that we promotes continuity and stability in the child’s learning environment.


I look forward to seeing you at our parent meetings and events,




Denise Cavner





Head Start/ State Pre School - 257 Grand Army, San Jacinto, CA (951) 654-1531