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Board Approval of Walking Distances
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Bus Service Information (Megan Cope Elementary)

Effective July 1, 2007 the San Jacinto Unified School District contracted with Hemet Unified School District to provide student transportation.  Bus routes and stops are jointly planned by Hemet and the District; Hemet USD provides drivers, facilities, maintenance, and administrative staff using San Jacinto buses.

Our goal is to transport all eligible students to and from their destination in the safest and most cost-effective manner.

The San Jacinto Unified School District provides transportation for regular education students that live outside of the specified walking distance of their resident school. The Board of Trustees has established these walking distances, in accordance with Board Policy 3540.

RTA bus passes are available for middle and high school students. The City of San Jacinto has donated a limited number of RTA bus passes for students needing transportation to and from school, on RTA bus routes 32 and 42, to Monte Vista Middle School, North Mountain Middle School, and San Jacinto High School. Students may contact the following office staff for more information: Sam Meza (Monte Vista Middle School), Erika Gardner (North Mountain Middle School), and Barbara Rivera (San Jacinto High School).
Click here to visit RTA's website for routes, schedules, and ticket information.



In the past SJUSD has posted the bus routes by school for your viewing.  Since our transition to Hemet Transportation, we are now able to provide real-time bus route information using the link below.  By entering your street address and child’s grade level, you will be provided with the most current bus route information.

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