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Frequently Answered Questions

Technical Support

  • How do I log onto TroubleTrakker? » click here for answer
  • Who do I call for help with my computer? - If you require immediate assistance, please call the Technology Help Desk - Dial Ext. 4500

Usernames and logons

  • How do I change my network password?  - Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Change Password
  • How do I change my Aeries password? - To change your Aeries password, follow these steps:
  1. From the main Aeries screen, click View All Forms
  2. Click the radio button next to OTH
  3. Click from the list "Change Password"
  4. Type your old password and press Enter (you will see the letters, not asterisks)
  5. Type your new password (you will see the letters, not asterisks) and press Enter
  6. You should receive a message that your password was changed successfully. Use your new password the next time you log into Aeires.


  • Can I check work e-mail from home?  -  Yes, go to https://webmail.sanjacinto.k12.ca.us, enter your network username and password and you have instant access to your District e-mail from anywhere in the world.


In effort to provide equal network efficiency, we indentified specific categories and or web sites that cause excessive network traffic. As a result some categories and web sites have been blocked.

If you attempt to access a web site that falls into a blocked category, you will see a screen indicating which category has been blocked, your username, and IP address. (indicating which computer you are using)

If you find a site that is blocked and feel the site has educational or work related value, submit this form to request a site be unblocked. In addition, if you come across a website you feel should be blocked, submit the URL via this form. Click Here For Form


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